Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pramati IIS Webgate plugin

Most of the times the Application servers are hidden beyond the Webserver/Load Balancers/Reverse Proxy servers, such as Apache and IIS. One of my previous posts talk about Reverse Proxy here In case you are running an apache server, it provides a nice Mod_proxy module to reverse proxy to back end nodes which happen to be Application servers. However, when running IIS, then we are in a fix if you are running the back end nodes as J2EE Application servers . Pramati Server has a nice plugin that helps you to dispatch requests from IIS to Pramati Server. Documentation for the same can be refered here

I have seen some issues where the IIS plugin installation shows up red in the IIS configuration window. Restarts of the IIS service/admin service does not seem to fix the problem. Here are 2 quick things that you might need to check if you are seeing this problem.

1. The version of the IIS Webgate plugin and the version of IIS being used. Pramati Server ships various versions of IIS Webgate plugin with different versions of Pramati Server. The ones shipped with 4.1 are compatible only with IIS 4 or IIS5. May be you are trying to use a wrong combination!! For Webgate plugin that works with IIS 5 and above, I recommend that you pick up the latest version of Pramati Server and use its plugin. The latest version of Pramati Server can be downloaded from the site here

2. Sometimes, the issue could be with the log file location that you have specified for the Webgate log. The log location tag is present in the iisplugin.props file located in the ${Pramati_install}/add_ons/webgate/iis folder. Change the value to a valid location on the system

LogFileName E:\\fubar.log

These 2 checks should be able to get you running with IIS Webgate plugin in Pramati Server. Inc case you still have problems, you can talk to your designated support contact at Pramati or drop a message in one of their forums here.