Sunday, October 7, 2007

What makes me happy

What a satisfying day it was. Its been nice, I felt good all through the day. Strangely, I cannot attribute any of the activities that I did today for the Feel Good factor I am experiencing.

Which one out of these made me happy?

1. Getting up early in the day,about 5:30 AM which I rarely do.
2. Stepping into Gym, which I hardly ever visited.
3. Mom inaugurating Reliance Fresh store in our building
4. Zipping on the roads in maruti 800, which belongs to my friend. I should confess that I really loved doing this. A small car which happens to listen to you and to just creep into those li'l places and make others go crazy!!
5. Visiting old school friend of mine. I got sucked into Happy days movie which I watched couple of days back. This brought back few memories of my school days and raked the old telephone directory of mine to check if any of the numbers are still working. Given that I finished my schooling 11 years back, hit 30% success with the contact numbers which is not bad.
6. Visiting few stores to buy a bicycle(Believe me! Its True). I seemed to got sucked into this thing seeing Deepak and Surya (Both my colleagues and are avid runners). Unfortunately, I wasn't clear on the kind of one I am looking for so nothing fruitful happened there.
7. Visiting a good friend of mine who is ill and taking him to a hospital. Well, we forced him to go for an injection which he furiously resisted. But we prevailed over him( Those li'l sadistic pleasures).
8. Watching Racing Stripes movie. I just liked the concept that right friends help to do something really nice.

I think I will isolate all these activities and try to replicate them one in a day(one of them cannot, but I will know that it is the one if all others fail). Then I can narrow it down and I will know what made me happy.. Well, Support Guys are always Support Guys. You cannot change the way they think..Sigh

I have resolved to workout more. I have reasons for this. Well, if you are thinking that I am trying to get into shape, then you are wrong. Who said Round is not a shape?? The excuses I have in my mind right now are:

1. This will help me cut down the amount of nicotine I consume. Seriously, good work out always helps you to cut down the amount you smoke.
2. Help me to buy a Royal Enfield.